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Bacolod City finds more reasons to smile

Bacolod City has long been recognized as a key investment destination outside Metro Manila.

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A New community of Genteel Living

Mention Bacolod anywhere in the country, and the first thing that people think of is the sense of warmth, charm, and hospitality that has come to characterize the province and its citizens.

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A new home of adventures in the South is coming

The South has long become a favored residential destination of many urbanites who have opted to trade the intoxicating excitement of city life for the comfort and solace of the suburbs.

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The Fifth at Rockwell Takes Your Celebration to the Next Level

Expect a barrage of parties, reunions, and celebrations on your way now that the holiday season is coming. After all, the last quarter of the year really brings out everyone’s festive side.

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8 Signs that the Property You’re Eyeing Is the Right One

Home and lifestyle magazines and dreamy real estate commercials all say that nothing beats the joy of owning your own home. And while the line rings true, investing in a residential space can be overwhelming given the plethora of available options.

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