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A New community of Genteel Living

Mention Bacolod anywhere in the country, and the first thing that people think of is the sense of warmth, charm, and hospitality that has come to characterize the province and its citizens. Indeed, since the Spanish Colonial Era, the biggest city in Negros Occidental has been known for its emphasis on the appreciation of the finer things in life — and, for both the people of Bacolod and Rockwell Land, the finer things in life aren’t just material possessions.

SOON TO RISE. Rockwell Land’s 11-hectare development in Bacolod will feature mid-rise residential buildings and a commercial enclave.

“We share the same appreciation for beauty and quality,” Senior Vice-President for Business Development Malou Pineda says of Bacolod and its people. “Many of us at Rockwell have roots in the Visayas, particularly in Bacolod. We share an understanding of the importance of strong family ties and a sense of community.”

This shared sense of community is set to grow stronger with the impending launch of Rockwell in Bacolod come the fourth quarter of 2019. The new mixed-use gated community is located along Buri Road, follows the natural roll of the terrain as opposed to leveling the ground and disrupting the environment to make way for construction.

“We want to marry the concept of our community with the environment it’s set in,” Pineda says of this. “We aren’t out to change everything. We try to understand the community we’re in; it’s the Rockwell Way.”

Rockwell in Bacolod will serve as a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy themselves similar to provincial developments like 32 Sanson in Cebu.

The development of Rockwell Land in Bacolod has been divided into two phases, the first of which features two residential structures and a commercial enclave in an 11-hectare space. Eight hectares of the property are given over to mid-rise residential buildings. The low-density nature of this particular property means that there are a limited number of units per floor, making the space safer, quieter, and more comfortable for those living within.

Rockwell Center in Makati

Rockwell in Bacolod’s community enclave serves as a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy themselves in a verdant expanse of green space. Convenience is also a factor in its development, as there will be retail spaces as well as those for utilities and key services. It is a self-contained environment that will encourage residents to interact and grow together — just as any good community should.

“At Rockwell Land, considerate development has been the key to our growth,” Pineda says. “The little details matter to us and we pride ourselves on listening to people, to our target markets, in order to build better communities.”

From its flagship development at Rockwell Center in Makati, to its more recent provincial developments like 32 Sanson in Cebu, Laguna, and now in Bacolod, Rockwell Land is certainly a company that takes the Filipino values of family, community, and love for the environment to heart — values that are helping change the landscape for the better.

Malou Pineda, Rockwell Land’s SVP for Business Development.