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Tips on How to Invest in Real Estate in the Philippines

Looking to invest in real estate in the Philippines? The country’s real estate market has always been a relatively stable investment, with bright spots to look forward to in terms of economic growth. As the country takes steps to rise on its feet, certain infrastructure projects and business developments are nearing completion––indicating a positive economic recovery for the country this year. Experts forecast a growth of 7.4% in the economy, according to the Philippine Star.

Aside from a more optimistic economic outlook, there are numerous reasons why now is an opportune time to invest. With new consumer demands emerging in the new normal, different markets, with different markets motivated by various reasons. When it comes to residential properties, the demand for sprawling outdoor spaces and laid-back communities will rise, alongside a resurgence in interest for sophisticated high-rise developments in the city and other central business districts across the country as potential investors regain their confidence.

In other words, people looking for a safe and stable investment should look into investing in real estate––a steady and resilient investment that has proven time and again its ability to earn lucrative returns, accumulate wealth, and grow your investment portfolio. Here are tips on how to invest in real estate in the Philippines successfully.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage makes you more attractive as a buyer. It means you’re financially ready to handle the financial costs that come with purchasing a property. Since pre-approvement entails a stringent and meticulous process, gaining pre-approval means that you have been assessed and proven to be in good financial standing.

Create clear financial goals

When deciding to invest in real estate, it is important to create clear financial goals so you can set expectations and settle on the right strategy. Do you see your potential real estate investment as a self-liquidating asset or do you want to accrue its value over time? Your financial goals will help you decide on what kind of investment to make and how to make use of your property.

Leasing can help you earn quicker returns on an investment, as well as ensure a steady stream of passive income. If you are looking to invest in spaces for leasing,  residential units are a great option to explore.

Meanwhile, there are investors who purchase real estate properties in the hopes of increasing their capital gains. This is a sound strategy if you are looking to increase your investment portfolio and preserve your wealth in the long run. Master-planned communities offer the highest potential for growth, with attractive deals for its properties, assuring the security of your investment as it increases in value over time. 

Look at location

While Metro Manila’s decongestion has been a long time coming, the pandemic has sped up the process with more and more families looking into sprawling properties outside the metro, in their desire to live a more nature-filled, holistic lifestyle. With elements such as heavy traffic, noise, and pollution impacting the ability to live a more balanced life, new and upcoming neighborhoods outside the metro are becoming an increasingly enticing option for young families. That said, it is equally important for buyers to be close to city conveniences and upscale amenities.

This makes the idea of elegant suburban living in adjacent provinces such as Batangas or Laguna an attractive choice. Other urban areas in the country such as Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Angeles pose promising alternatives, allowing families the prospect of living in more luxurious homes farther in the countryside while having close access to the comforts of the city.

That said, there are still plenty of opportunities to be seized in the metro, if one would look into other CBDs such as Quezon City or Muntinlupa. With growing traffic problems within the city, other districts with promising growth become increasingly attractive options. Families will look for high-rise developments that can afford them exclusive conveniences, as well as larger units and open, outdoor spaces. Last year’s unit vacancies mean that enticing deals await investors who are willing to purchase now.

Investing in a property is no small affair. Aside from being located in a high-value location, a property by a reputable developer assures its quality and the potential to increase in its current and future value, a promising investment for your family and the future. 

As you make your foray into real estate, invest in a trusted developer known for premium properties, helping you make the most out of your real estate investment with confidence.  Find the investment that’s right for you with Rockwell Land’s online portal where you can browse through our properties across the country, at a glance. 

Rockwell Land has a diverse range of premier properties that assure quality and exclusivity – from luxurious high-rise residences in Metro Manila, to vibrant nature-filled communities in Southern Luzon and across Visayas, make your investment count with the possibilities that await. 

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