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Property Investment Tips for a Promising 2021

Property investment may not be a top priority after 2020, but there is enough reason to be optimistic at present. As the country moves to gather its bearings and rise on its feet, now is the best time to think about expanding your portfolio and investing in a property.

Why invest now, you ask? The key here is to look for emerging opportunities after last year’s events. The pandemic has dramatically changed daily living and altered mindsets. As people stayed in their homes and businesses were forced to make drastic decisions, families looked into moving in second homes away from the metro, and businesspeople rerouted their enterprises or temporarily closed them for the time being. 

As the dust settles this year, we will witness the effects of these changes firsthand and how they may pave the way for potential investment opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about property investment this 2021 and how you can turn the tides.

Know the Basics of Property Investment

Promising opportunities await those willing to invest in real estate. As a fixed asset, properties are always a worthy investment, maintaining a relatively steady value that isn’t prone to heavy fluctuations. Real estate can increase in value over time, further influenced by factors such as location, developer reputation, and the quality of its infrastructure. And even after slowing down last year, the Philippine economy is expecting a silver lining with a projected 7.4% growth this year, posing inviting options for property investment. Investing in a property is no small affair; make sure to purchase from a trusted developer known for prestigious projects and high-quality infrastructure to ensure the security of your investment.

Aside from a more optimistic economic outlook, there are numerous reasons why now is an opportune time to invest. The quarantine period has shaped new consumer demands, with different markets motivated by various reasons.

Border restrictions, as well as the rising desire for more holistic lifestyles have made sprawling properties outside Metro Manila an appealing investment for buyers looking to set up a more permanent second base. This opens up the possibilities for suburban living in adjacent provinces such as Batangas or Laguna, or a more luxurious dwelling farther away from Metro Manila such as in Bacolod or  Cebu –– while still staying close to premier city conveniences.

That said, there are still plenty of opportunities to be seized in the city. The demand for condominiums in prime locations with lively and upscale communities will rise from last year, as families yearn for larger units and open, outdoor spaces after being confined indoors. Last year’s restrictions have led to a rise in unit vacancies, with attractive deals awaiting investors who want to purchase units.

Rockwell has several properties that fit your investment needs: Rockwell South at Carmelray in Canlubang, Laguna, and Terreno South in Lipa, Batangas feature several hectares of master-planned communities for nature-filled living; Nara Residences in Bacolod and 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug, Cebu merge the charms of their locale with the signature Rockwell lifestyle.

Meanwhile, there are other Metro Manila properties that would make stunning additions to your investment portfolio: The Arton by Rockwell in Quezon City promises an upscale family-friendly environment and close access to some of the country’s top universities; Proscenium at Rockwell in Makati City boasts of a desirable location and premier amenities that embody the best of Makati living.

Decide on Your Investment Strategy

Scouting for a property that possesses great features is one thing; deciding on your investment style is another. Property investment does not begin and end with simply acquiring it. How do you envision your investment? Is it a self-liquidating asset or are you hoping to increase its value over time? These will help you decide on the right property to invest in.

Leasing out a unit is one of the most popular ways to earn quick returns on an investment. Whether you’re eyeing a long-term rental or priming your space for short-term stays, renting out your unit can provide you with a steady and sizable side income. Just be prepared to handle maintenance costs that come with natural wear and tear over time.

Many investors purchase real estate and wait for its value to appreciate–a fitting strategy for lots in horizontal developments. Master-planned communities offer enticing deals and good value for properties on sale, with the likely hope that they would increase in value as these communities develop. Lots are rewarding investments, as people look to move away from the bustle of city life and reside in more peaceful developments. 

Finally, you can also simply invest for yourself. Perhaps you’re planning a family soon, or you want to leave properties for your children. An upscale development that upholds one’s quality of life within a vibrant community is a worthwhile investment for you and your loved ones and helps secure their future.

Develop the Right Mindset for Great Returns

When deciding to invest in a property, it’s important to have the right mindset. Real estate is a fixed asset, which means you won’t be expecting an ROI anytime soon–this is an investment for the long haul. But with patience and timing, your property investment can provide you with many great returns over time.

Offering developments of outstanding quality along with vibrant communities, Rockwell Land provides several properties that make wonderful and worthwhile investments depending on your needs. Rockwell creates community developments where residences, work spaces, and lifestyle hubs come together. From residential properties, office and retail spaces, to leisure developments, Rockwell’s developments all highlight strategic locations, excellent and dedicated property management, and premium amenities suited to its discerning buyers. Rockwell’s penchant for unparalleled quality and exclusivity has led them to become one of the most sought-after developers in the country.

The future looks brighter for property investment in 2021. With Rockwell, you can ensure secure and valuable investments that are bound to yield great returns in the long run. Contact [email protected] for inquiries about investing in a Rockwell Land property today.