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The Solihiya Soiree

32 Sanson launched its fourth and last tower with a simple but sophisticated afternoon get-together that epitomized the Rockwell lifestyle

The soft strains of a guitar and the melodic tune of a saxophone serve to welcome guests as they make their way down the landscaped paths towards the Clubhouse, where a crowd had already gathered for afternoon refreshments. With the pool and the property’s lush greenery as beautiful backdrops, the gathering was the kind of relaxing and sophisticated experience that people have come to expect from 32 Sanson. And although celebrations here always embody an easy-going luxe feel, this occasion was a particularly special one—it was the launch of the Solihiya, the development’s fourth tower. 

Named for the Philippine weave pattern used in rattan furniture, the eight-storey tower will feature more spacious units–there is a wide choice of studio, two-bedroom executives, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom units available, which will enjoy more spacious kitchens and bedrooms. With the neighboring Buri tower, Solihiya will also have its own clubhouse, with amenities that include function rooms, a gym, swimming pool, and multi-purpose court.

While the Solihiya is still in the midst of construction, guests got to enjoy a taste of this at the launch. The long tents were decorated with ferns and soft garden lighting. Small tableaus of large lamps filled with fairy lights and leafy tropical plants were distributed throughout the area, reinforcing the set-up’s rustic charm. The decorations were created by Agel Tio-Go of Parties by Agel, who wonderfully captured the spirit of an al fresco summer get-together. At the end of the pool, The Post, a Cebuano jazz ensemble, serenaded the crowd with a selection of classic pop favorites with a twist.

The occasion was also a chance for Chef Izzy Sy to introduce the new dishes that will be coming to Kayu this month. Arranged on a buffet table with black stone and bright, colorful flowers were an incredible selection of bites: the Ensaladilla de Gambas and Shiitake Croquettes were flavorful hors d’oeuvres, while the juicy Roast Short Plate was sliced up by chefs on the spot. A crowd favorite was the Egg Yolk Confit with Turmeric Rice and Roast Pork—the rich creamy flavor of the yolk perfectly complemented the mild spiciness of the rice, while the pork was the hearty addition that brought it all together. To perfectly pair with the sumptuous dishes, guests could choose between refreshing juices or a fine selection of wines.

By sunset, the twinkling glow of the lights gave the setting an even more magical air. The glasses kept clinking and the band kept playing as people continued to enjoy the delicious cuisine, the beautiful surroundings, and the great company. These are the kinds of things that come together and make 32 Sanson truly a home like no other.