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Community Converges at the ‘Great Lawn’

Great Lawn

The Great Lawn, along with the vast pool area, is the focal point of The Grove towers.

To a certain extent, the quality of one’s life can be partly shaped or defined by his or her community.

It would thus be ideal to live in an environment where one’s potential can be nurtured and the quality of life is enhanced. Indeed, a great community is one that goes beyond the ordinary—one that can serve as a natural sanctuary where one can thrive and feel right at home.

This concept, however, can get tricky in an urban setting that is dominated largely by high rise residential projects.

In a setting that has natural limitations such as space, how can the concept of an ideal community be preserved? For some of the country’s most esteemed developers, creating a community that is livable, sustainable, suitable for one’s fast paced lifestyle, while remaining conducive to raise families has become foremost of their concerns.

Essential elements

Upscale property developer Rockwell Land Corp. is among those who have put to heart the need to bring together all the necessary elements and create the right balance to allow its residents to thrive.

“In a high rise residential development, a great community is where its residents are able to live in a secure and comfortable environment that goes beyond the usual standards known to condo dwellers. There must be great gastronomic and lifestyle choices, unparalleled exclusivity and security, gracious amenities and lush open spaces,” explained Tracey Castillo, senior marketing manager at Rockwell Land Corp. (RLC).

And this kind of expertise is evident in the way Rockwell has transformed patches of land into some of the most sustainable and highly coveted pieces of property in the country today. Such developments, like the Rockwell Center in Makati City and The Grove in Pasig City, are now being enjoyed by residents relishing that distinct lifestyle offered by Rockwell Land.

“The Grove by Rockwell is able to provide everything that’s needed by its community of residents,” Castillo said.

“By providing them an array of lifestyle choices through The Retail Row and wellness options through the world class amenities, here they can have quality time and quality living with their loved ones—a truly complete living experience for all the members of the family. Residents say they don’t need to leave the community as they have everything they need right at their doorstep,” she added.

Vast space

Key to creating such a community would be the different amenities that The Grove has to offer, including the vast open spaces it can provide for its residents. These features are precisely what made The Grove, along with other Rockwell projects, a cut above the rest.

“The Grove amenities are what truly sets (the development) apart from the usual condo living spaces in the metro as it exudes resort-like features from its design and relaxed environment. We want to provide our residents comfortable leisure space versus the usual tight or cramped perception of condominium buildings,” Castillo noted.

Rockwell Land senior design manager Charm Vidal added that in designing The Grove, they looked at what they have done in the previous developments and saw that the open space at the West Block in Rockwell Center was actually popular especially among kids.

“This is 1.5 times (as big) compared to what we have here in West Block. In an urban development, it is quite seldom that you see a vast amount of open space where a kid can run and play freely without concerns on safety and security. Being a Grove resident with a kid, I definitely appreciate this space since my toddler can enjoy playing outdoors,” Vidal shared.

‘Great Lawn’

The Great Lawn, along with the vast pool area, is the focal point of The Grove towers. It fosters a certain sense of community for the residents since they can all come together in the area, which meanwhile provides them the right balance of development and nature: 75 percent open space and 25 percent structure.

“The Great Lawn is almost 2,000 sqm of green open space where community events take place and gives the residents access to a relaxed and wellness-filled lifestyle,” Castillo said.

“This is where residents can take a stroll, jog, exercise, and where kids can play at the sandpit, or just spend quality time with the family while enjoying the cool breeze,” she concluded.

As published in on August 5, 2017: