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The 2019 Rockwell Cup & Rockwell Cup Charity Dinner

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Date and time: February 7, 2019

Venue: Canlubang Golf & Country Club, the Fifth at Rockwell

What were the activities and what happened: Golf tournament for charity

People who attended: Rockwell VIPs, residents, and guests

Last February 7, 2019, Rockwell residents and their guests set for a momentous time in Canlubang Golf and Country Club as they competed to reign champion for the annual Rockwell Cup. This long-standing community tradition continues to boast the spirit of charity and sportsmanship, reinforcing what the whole event is all about. To cap off the previous day’s competitive fanfare, the most outstanding players of the tournament were awarded their respective well-earned merits later on during the dinner which was held at The Fifth at Rockwell for the very first time the succeeding night at the Rockwell Cup Community Charity Dinner.