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The Finer Things: Here’s What To Expect From Tatler and The Balmori Suites’ Trunk Show

Rockwell’s The Balmori Suites and Tatler Philippines will hold “The Finer Things”, a trunk show for the discerning individual

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “The Finer Things”?

To us at Tatler, it brings to mind various objects that are made of high quality—tasteful and elegant in design and appearance. Never loud or ostentatious. When well selected, finer things are not always expensive but hold a lot of value in that the piece has lasting significance.

Sounds like the perfect things to offer for an exclusive trunk show!

Private drop-off of The Balmori Suites | Photo from Rockwell
The Balmori Suites’ Lobby | Photo from Rockwell

This is, indeed, what awaits you at the two-day event of The Balmori Suites and Tatler at the Rockwell Lounge.

From August 27 to 28, at 11am to 9pm, covetable items will be on offer for those with exquisite taste.

Logo of the Child Protection Network Foundation | Photo from CPN Facebook page

One vital thing to know is that all our merchants are donating 15 per cent of their gross sales to aid the fight against child abuse. The donation will be made to the Child Protection Network Foundation Inc.

Why not indulge in vintage silver pieces sourced directly from Paris by Marivic Puyat Limcaoco and Bea Garcia of Paris Brocante?

If jewellery is your passion, Riqueza of Erica Concepcion Reyes has you covered. Her items are mostly estate pieces plus some new ones but all made with a fine eye for detail that reek with class and good taste.

Marga Nograles’ Kaayo presents the artisan craftsmanship from modern Mindanao which makes her fashion and accessories so wearable and chic.

What about a blend of the best Europe has to offer but selected by someone with a strong design background and is a fabulous curator of all things for one’s home? Fitting the bill for this is Nathalie Henares, a lady with refined taste.

Here are some things about the items on offer from their purveyors.

Paris Brocante


“We love the historic design eras each Paris Brocante item represents- whether it be rococo, art nouveau or art deco. And we like to connect people to a part of themselves that appreciates these decorative arts.”

— Marivic Puyat Limcaoco and Bea Garcia



“I often work with antique materials that I want to use, be it an estate diamond or a vintage cameo or an antique ivory hand. From there, the design builds and grows, depending on my inspiration.”

— Erica Concepcion



“I always love to work with denim and chambray. You can’t go wrong with these and it is perfect for indigenous embellishments. T’nalak is still my all-time time favourite. It is classy, rich and represents age-old stories of our indigenous tribes in Mindanao.”

— Marga Nograles



“Bringing together home accents and objets d’art from across the globe, we at Portoro weave together Eastern and Western elements to completely transform your spaces.”

— Nathalie Henares

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