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Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series goes to Rockwell Center in Makati City

Indulge in native Kapampangan fare from Pampanga’s finest chefs and culinary curators here in Metro Manila at Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series from June 4 to 5, at the Plaza Driveway in Rockwell Center Makati. 

Rockwell brings this distinct experience to its flagship in Makati City, following the success of Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Food Fair last March. The food fair goes Streetside at Rockwell with the Plaza Driveway as its location—in front of Power Plant Mall’s South entrance—where guests will freely enjoy an al fresco dining experience for them to enjoy an array of flavors.

Foodies can once again look forward to Kanyaman’s line-up of chefs which include Chef Howard Dizon, Chef Judy Uson, Chef Pons Garcia, and Chef Cherry Pasion-Tan, each one ready to present native Kapampangan fare such as humba, fried itik, and sisig. They are likewise joined by homegrown Pampanga food concessionaires such as Perfect Loaf with their signature sotanghon, and Cafe Hola’s breads and pastries. 

Through this gathering of gourmands, epicures in the metro need not go far to enjoy local and authentic Pampanga food. Kanyaman brings these renowned Pampanga-based chefs together for the first time, and presents a rare opportunity for  them to offer their delicious dishes in Metro Manila. This creates a signature Rockwell experience akin to the Kapampangan, tastefully-curated for the most discerning palates.

Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series runs through June 4 to 5 from 11AM to 9PM, at the Plaza Driveway in Rockwell Center Makati. For more information, please follow Rockwell Center Nepo on Facebook and Instagram.