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Hurray Pop-up at The Vantage Gallery

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Adorn: Interior Styling for Maximizing Small Spaces

Date and time: September 15 – October 15, 2018

Venue: The Vantage Gallery

Partner: Hurray Inc.

What were the activities and what happened: Hurray Inc. set up shop temporarily just down the street from their HQ at Brixton while finishing up some renovations there. Aside from selling their well-loved and well-known furniture from Heima, they also held a series of talks on Interior Styling.

People who attended: Followers of the brand, and some Vantage clients

Translating to “at home” or “homeland” in Icelandic, Heima temporarily set up shop at The Vantage Gallery Lifestyle Centre last September and October. Aside from featuring pieces from Heima’s latest collection, their sister company—Heim Interiors—also gave a series of talks throughout their stay here. From giving a talk on how to decorate small spaces perfect for condo living to sharing on how to spark joy in any home, motherbrand Hurray really lived up to their mantra, “Design made happy.”