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The Four Perks of Buying a Fully Furnished Condo

Purchasing your own property is a milestone. There’s nothing more fulfilling than owning a home or a condo unit. With it comes the opportunity to decide what suits you best. Even if you decide that you don’t want to occupy it yet, renting it out gives you an opportunity to gain extra income. There are many options available in the property market. A visit to a property finder’s website can lead you to a lot of listings. Among the choices you can find two types of units – a fully furnished condo and a bare condo. 

Fully furnished condo units are those that are fully equipped with the essential things usually found in typical condo homes. This includes all the amenities that one needs to live conveniently in a home. A bare condo unit, on the other hand, just provides the space you need. 

If you’re considering buying a condo, a fully furnished condo is more ideal if you prefer it or lack the time to spend on buying items for your property. Although getting a bare condo can give you the control of choosing exactly what furniture and appliances  you want to have, keep in mind that this will require more of your time and energy for improvement. A fully furnished property saves you from all of that. Here are four perks of buying a fully furnished condo. 

All Things Prepared 

A fully furnished condo unit has everything you need down to the basics. While most developers sell potential buyers with bare condo units, chances are you’d still have to go through a rigorous process in putting essentials into the right places. With a fully furnished condo, you don’t have to worry about the furniture that you need. A counter island in the kitchen aids you with your cooking as the surface can provide space for meal preparation. Provided also are dining tables and chairs to have your meals. In the same way, beds and couches are usually provided given that these are essential things you need for comfort. 

This kind of condo unit provides you with the full package to live with convenience. Developers like Rockwell Land provide fully furnished condo units to residents who wish to stay in their properties. Since most of their properties come with their respective themes consistent with their mission to achieve and maintain your premium lifestyle. Because of this, moving in has been made easier.

Quality and Condition 

A fully furnished condo unit is evident of quality maintenance. The sight of the things inside the unit being in good and perfect condition reassures you that the developer is taking care of the property. This gives residents peace of mind as careful steps are being done to maintain the unit’s quality. 

Because of this, you don’t have to spend much on measures to maintain quality. You can rely on the developer to do the job. With quality maintenance, repairs and improvements would not be much of a personal concern. With quality comes reassurance that maintenance is a long-term solution provided by the developer to ensure that the homeowners can make the most out of their property. 

Property Value

If you’re choosing the investment route instead of making your property your home, choosing a fully furnished condo unit will sustain its value. All that’s left to do is some minor additional upgrades to increase its value. Whether it’s adding a fancy foyer to your property or areas for recreational use to maximize the space, you can have full control over the property’s interior design to impress the next buyer. Once the potential resident takes interest in it, it has high chances of being purchased, earning you extra income. 

A property is a good investment, especially when the unit is part of a condominium building that provides premium lifestyle with its amenities and facilities. The more comfortable and convenient the residents’ lifestyle experience, the more likely the units will be sought after.

Rockwell’s properties continue to sustain their mission in establishing admirable communities where people can enjoy and relish ease of living. One of the ways they do this is by providing potential residents with fully furnished condo units and properties so their residents can worry less about the details. This feature enables the increase of the property value which greatly benefits investors who plan to purchase and own a condo to have it rented in the long run.  

Themes That Fit Your Lifestyle

Most developers sell fully furnished condo units that reflect the themes of their properties. As a condominium complex nestled amidst a lush garden and in the presence of serene nature, 32 Sanson is Rockwell’s premiere residential community that blends nature and modern lifestyle.  

In the same way, Rockwell properties have varied themes depending on each of their designs. The Proscenium in Makati, famous for supporting the arts, stands with intricately designed towers that resemble modern art pieces. 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Cebu provides a home for residents who wish to enjoy a lifestyle where nature blends with modern life. These are among the many examples provided by Rockwell’s official property finder, Rockwell Leasing & Secondary Sales

A fully furnished condo unit saves you time and energy when moving into your new property. It is proof that quality is properly maintained with all the essentials inside. If you have plans to own a fully furnished condo, consider purchasing or leasing units through Rockwell Leasing & Secondary Sales today.