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Rockwell Community’s Premium Signature for Condo Living

Condo living at an exclusive Rockwell property offers a premium lifestyle experience for residents and their families. For over 25 years now, Rockwell has continued to provide residents with homes which have urban communities and accessible amenities that encourage and sustain personal and professional development.

Transforming an unused thermal power plant into a community that aspires to be the posh standard of living, Rockwell Land has since expanded to various locations to suit the needs of potential property owners and investors. Today, its properties in Makati, Pasig, and Cebu stand as the benchmark for premium living, exceptional leisure, and lucrative business. Despite being located in different places, Rockwell’s properties share a common vision, and that is to establish extraordinary communities that people will admire. 

With their mission to deliver delightful and memorable experiences for their residents every day, Rockwell takes pride in their reputation of providing varied themes among their properties. Not only do they provide the necessary comforts and convenience for their residents, but their amenities, strategic locations, and units’ beautiful interior designs add value for investment. 

Here are some of their properties which you can choose from. 

The Grove

If you’re looking for a property in Pasig City that provides holistic wellness, The Grove by Rockwell complements their properties with amenities that are best suited for a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness enthusiasts can access the gym studios that are available in many of Rockwell’s properties. At The Grove, residents can easily engage in sports.

Go for a swim in their leisure pools at the expansive outdoor amenity deck or take  a jog along their wide and lush Great Lawn where you can take in a breath of fresh air. You can also use the multi-purpose courts and keep playing even on rainy days in the indoor basketball court.  

The Grove’s dance studio has a wide space equipped with mirrored walls where you can learn a few steps. Apart from physical exercise, you can  also strengthen your mind with a good book or two from their library lounge. 

32 Sanson 

In Cebu, 32 Sanson by Rockwell is the best choice for potential residents who are eager to find peace with nature. Located in Lahug, this property is centered around a sprawling landscape complete with trees and mountains. Its focus on nature makes it an ideal residence for a peaceful and serene condo living experience. 

Also equipped with swimming pools, a children’s play area, a multi-purpose court, a clubhouse, and a gym, this Rockwell property is masterfully designed to accentuate the benefits of nature. As the environment’s relaxing atmosphere provides quality living for the residents, living spaces guarantee peace of mind for their residents. 

One of the many benefits in living with nature’s visible presence is geared towards a healthier lifestyle. The more trees and plants grow in the vicinity, the more likely you’ll get to experience fresher and cleaner air to breathe. What sets 32 Sanson apart from many properties in the vicinity of nature is that it is in close proximity to Lahug’s central business districts, making the residential area accessible to vast economic and business opportunities. 


There’s a stark difference between living in state-of-the-art facilities and living in the midst of artistic appreciation and appeal. The Proscenium at Rockwell combines these elements to provide residents with a premium lifestyle in beautifully constructed residential towers. 

The Proscenium at Rockwell continues to champion the vibrant culture and the arts scene in Makati with the intricately designed interiors and iconic landmarks. Its amenities include a gym, function rooms and a grand lobby.

With Power Plant Mall  nearby, residents can choose fashionable items that highlight their personality. Whether it’s the trendy cardigan for cold rainy days or the right suit and dresses for a nice trip around the mall, you don’t get left behind with what’s new. 

Combining commerce and the arts, the Proscenium is the quintessential example of Rockwell’s peak premiere living. Its amenities include the gym for fitness activities, function rooms for social gatherings, a business center where you can get productive with work, a daycare center for children’s playtime and learning, and the amenity deck where swimming pools and a lush garden provide an ideal spot for recreation and relaxation. 

With Rockwell properties, you can experience a premium lifestyle with all of their accessible amenities. Ideal condo living is where you live comfortably within your home. Rockwell takes the extra mile by extending this comfort and convenience with their top-of-the-line services, world-class amenities, and promising mission. Check out the available units at Rockwell’s properties today by contacting Rockwell Leasing and Secondary Sales