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DIVERSIFICATION IS KEY Valerie Lopez-Soliven Chief revenue officer, Rockwell Land Corp.

There is reason to be optimistic in the coming year, especially for the real estate industry.

With the looming impact of inflation to consider, investors are looking for avenues to combat this. Adding real estate assets to their portfolio is easily considered to be a stable hedge against it. Properties will always only appreciate in value over time.

Flight to quality

Additionally, a flight to quality continues to emerge as a priority for buyers, which in our case, speaks not just about real estate as an investment asset, but also about the product types we offer and our sincere service to our communities.

We’ve noticed this in how our high-end properties continue to be well-received by the market, be it a condominium unit, beachfront villa, or residential lot—echoing market reports’ sentiments on the resiliency of luxury real estate.

Managing impact

Bumpy roads are ahead with rising inflation and interest rates, not to mention possible disruptions to supply chains and foreign exchange concerns. Some markets will surely be more affected than others.

The key to managing the impact for these is for one to diversify both product offerings and distribution locations. Mixed-use developments—replete with both commercial and residential areas like lots, condos, malls and offices—have proven to be more valuable, especially when built in burgeoning locations.

It is vital to have a healthy mix of developments and recurring income drivers. Diversification is key.

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