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Perks of Living in a High Rise Condominium

The city brings people from all walks of life who are seeking opportunities and pursuing their dreams. While the notion of getting a single family detached home is not completely obsolete, other more convenient options are starting to be more desirable. After all, once you reach a certain age or career milestone, convenience becomes one of the most sought for luxuries in this day and age. Securing a property in a high rise condominium guarantees a chance for a premium lifestyle.

Living in a high rise condominium is more than just a status symbol. It’s not all about possessing the ability of standing in your room and getting a good view of the entire city at your feet. There’s a fusion of prestige and practicality to them that only those with the most perusing eyes can see. The Vantage at Kapitolyo by Rockwell Primaries is a clear example of this blend and here are a few examples as to why that’s the case.

You’ll Never Miss Out On Anything

Proximity to Work

In terms of work, high rise condominiums are usually located in vibrant cities where commerce and industries thrive. So it goes without saying that living in a high-rise residential property is, in one way or another, practical because you’re closer to work.

Where others have to travel hours to get to their destination, you might simply take a swift jaunt across the street and you’re practically ready for work. Being in the middle of more than one major Central Business District, you can conveniently reach any place of work or business destination you have scheduled for the day.

Array of Retail Destinations

Of course, one has to consider other faculties outside of work as well when taking into account what kind of dwelling they would choose. Located in Kapitolyo, Pasig (in itself, a major business district), The Vantage also grants you closer proximity to malls and other places of particular interest, like restaurant communities and different activity centers.

The first two floors of this two-tower condominium development will be The Vantage Retail Row. A few minutes away, there are several known commercial and shopping centers in Pasig that residents can go to.

So whether it’s at work or anything outside of it, you don’t get to miss out on anything. It is with high rise condominiums that being able to stay connected with everyone and everything is possible and convenient.

Quality Features and Amenities

High rise condominiums have something most single family detached homes don’t, and that’s a slew of features and amenities that add value to the individual’s time. Here are a couple of features and amenities The Vantage at Kapitolyo offers:

Function Room

If you have important family milestones to celebrate, then a function room’s a convenient avenue to have. Whether for birthdays, intimate gatherings or meetings, The Vantage’s expansive function room can accommodate these memorable occasions.

Fitness Gym

High rise condominiums, being paragons of convenience, have facilities that cater to every kind of person, including those who are fitness enthusiasts. Equipped with treadmills, free weights, and weight machines, The Vantage’s gym will have fitness enthusiasts feeling at home in no time.

Sky Deck

If you feel the need to have a drink, pause, and view the city lights from atop your high rise, The Vantage at Kapitolyo has a beautiful Sky Deck from which you can do so. What a captivating way to cap off the week and wind down with your friends.

Swimming Pool and Kids’ Play Area

The Vantage also boasts a kids’ play area and a swimming pool. Residents can enjoy sunbathing by the pool or swimming with kids and family during the weekends.

Other than those features and amenities, The Vantage employs an in-house property management team whose sense of service reflects that of Rockwell’s. With that in mind, you can be sure that The Vantage’s staff can cater to your every need.

24/7 Security and Safety

Apart from these, top priority in all Rockwell developments has always been residents’ safety. Secluded by a gated village and 24-hour CCTV monitoring, The Vantage at Kapitolyo manages to assure the security of residents without inhibiting them from the city’s novel culture. The Vantage is another testament to Rockwell Primaries’ commitment to building comfortable and convenient metropolitan residences.

With quality living spaces amidst the bustling neighborhood, The Vantage is an ideal home for anyone—from an up-and-coming young professional who wants a highly-functional space in a strategic location, to a grown family that searches for the convenience and recreation to come home to. Learn more at The Vantage website for more information.