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Optimizing Your Condominium Floor Plans for Your Growing Family

Starting a family often involves major transitions that concern a lot of planning and commitment. While it is definitely a sizable adjustment, it’s certainly not impossible.

If you and your partner are looking into building a family together, it is important to look at things from a long-term perspective. Getting a home is just one of the first steps you take in the life that you are building together.

When looking for a condo unit that serves as your home, you should consider the size of the space especially if you plan to have a big family. Kids need space to roam around and play. A common area in your condominium floor plan is also something to consider. If you are looking into buying a condo, this means checking the amenities as well.

Eventually, the kids will grow up and start going to school. Pick a home near the school you plan to send your kids to. If you are going to your workplace every day, a unit that is conveniently located within the proximity of your office will also benefit you so you wouldn’t have to spend long hours getting there.

Choose a community that you and your family can grow in. Building a family is not just about keeping all of its members well fed and sheltered. Pick a community with like-minded individuals who have the same values, and whom you can build long lasting relationships with. Ideally, a community that can help yourself and your family feel safe and secure. This will help each of your family members grow individually and holistically.

Once you’ve chosen the right home for you, the next step is making sure that your home is as livable and comfortable as possible. Read on for some great tips.


Every space within your condo unit has to serve its purpose. Utilizing all the spaces within your condo helps you maximize your condominium floor plans. You can designate rooms for your recreational activities such as a workout and fitness studio, and spaces for professional growth such as a reading room or a study lounge.


There are a lot of furniture stores that promote living big in a small space. There are children’s furniture that are both space-friendly and flexible with your child, like this crib. You can use the crib and turn it into a bed until your child turns three years old. You can even save it for their potential future siblings.

It would also be wise to pick a sofa that converts into a bed or a storage space. This is helpful especially with growing kids since you can keep their toys and books organized in a fun and interesting way! It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to clean up after themselves.

Reach out to your friendly neighborhood carpenter and have them take measurements for wall to wall cabinets for your room or maybe to install a sliding door to hide your kitchen when you’re not using it. You can also opt for an expanding table for when you have guests come over, or as a study table for your kids. This would also make your house more modern and practical.


If you have growing kids who differ in personalities, it can be difficult to balance giving them a space of their own and having them interact with each other as siblings. A friendly suggestion is to first, ask your kids what they like and reach a compromise. You can play around with color themes (make sure it’s neutral and cohesive) and allot a personal space for each child. This would help create healthy boundaries for the kids and encourage developing their personalities.

You can also consider co-sleeping. Purchase a bunk bed with a pull-out so you get to sleep together. You can tell stories at night and sleep together to create a deeper family bond.


Make sure that your unit provides a habitable environment for all age groups in your family. Optimize your floor plan in a such a way that its design and arrangement are convenient for all of your family members.

If you’re moving in with little children, it would be best to childproof your home before you do. If you have a crawler, make sure to not leave sharp objects on the counter or on the tables. Have a screen door if you have a balcony. It’s also best to avoid rugs or carpets on corridors when you have young kids running around. If you want a splash of color on the floor, consider special tiles instead. Secure heavy furniture like bookcases and shelving with sturdy brackets and anchors. As an extra precaution against it tipping over, put heavier objects on the bottom shelves

Moving into a new home is a fresh start. Make sure to have fun and enjoy it. Building and growing with your family entails a lot of adjustments, but as long as you’re well equipped and in a community that encourages growth, it can be quite an enjoyable journey.

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