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How to Set Up Your Home Office for a Hybrid Setup and Maximize Productivity

With more companies embracing remote or hybrid work arrangements, it may be time to consider a home office design that works effortlessly for you.

After the pandemic turned the work from home setup into the norm, the relaxing of restrictions and the renewed optimism of people and businesses have signaled a return to the office, even if gradually. This, along with the realization that there are pros to working remotely, has led many organizations to establish a hybrid work scheme — giving rise to the importance of a home office. More and more individuals steadily prefer hybrid opportunities as it gives them more time for the household and their families.

A hybrid work setup also allows workers to balance work and home life easily, making time for their professional and family lives in a healthy manner.

For some, this means their workstations at home are no longer a temporary makeshift measure — it’s time to design a functioning home office that allows you to seamlessly carry on your work, make decisions, and enhance productivity as you would in the workplace.

Having a well-designed home office also allows you to create a professional environment that is conducive to high performances, while clearly separating your personal life. This allows you to strike that sought-after work-life balance, as well as stamp your own personal style and aesthetic into your home office design.

Ready to transform your workstation at home? Here’s how to set up your home office that maximizes productivity.

Maximize your space

There are both advantages to working in an actual office versus your own. An actual office is primed for maximum productivity, creating an environment that naturally encourages success and results.

That said, there is no reason you cannot have a thoughtfully conceived environment at home. All it takes is maximizing the space delegated to your home office — think about how you can take advantage of your floor area and space, where you can create smarter design and storage decisions, as well as position your work table in a way that does not feel too crowded or cramped up inside.

Creating as open a plan as possible intuitively becomes more soothing on the eyes. Meanwhile, smartly planning every nook and cranny of the office that is attuned to your natural movement allows work and processes to flow smoothly, making you work as efficiently as possible.

Take note of the view

When it comes to your home office, what you see is what matters. While your workplace may have sweeping views of the garden or the cityscape, that does not mean your regular window at home provides any less value. In fact, you should be taking advantage of the regular light your window provides in your workspace. A study found that natural light is “the best medicine” at the office, as the optimal amount of daylight reduces eyestrain and headaches by 84 percent. It also enhances employees’ work experiences as natural light is equivalent to more alert workers and less drowsiness, and is also shown to increase productivity.

If you have a promising view by the window, this can also help you rest your eyes and provide another visual to look at. Otherwise, you can improve your indoor environment by filling your space with plants, which improve morale and disposition. Aside from adding a decorative touch, plants can reportedly increase employee satisfaction and productivity by up to 15 percent.

Additionally, offices with scenic views and high-quality indoor environments are said to improve employees’ well-being. A workplace filled with plants and with large windows also helps uplift workers’ morale and disposition.

Plan your surfaces and storage

When you think of your work desk, how big do you want it to be? How much storage do you actually need? Think about the equipment and the supplies you need and make sure there is room for more. While you may think that you don’t need that much space — something such as the kitchen table has worked for you — remember that this home office is no longer a temporary space. It should be able to sustain not only the present demands of your role, but even as your career progresses.

If you have no idea where to start, you can even hire an interior designer to help you plan out the space and strategize on storage as needed.

As more and more companies warm up to the idea of a hybrid work setup, delegating a section of your home into a home office is becoming an increasing priority. And when it comes to potential homebuyers, they now consider the home office when planning out their homes beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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