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Why You Should Balance Work and Play

When you live within the hustle and bustle of the city, you’re likely to lead a fast-paced career, too. Yet striking a balance between work and play is key to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Take living in the metro as an opportunity to lead a holistic and healthy lifestyle so you can ensure a satisfying career for the long term, as well as take care of your physical, mental, and social health. According to a survey by the Mental Health Foundation, nearly two-thirds have reported experiencing a negative effect on their personal life such as a lack of personal development, poor home life and physical and mental health issues. Meanwhile, 1 in 3 people feels unhappy about the time that they devote to work.

This is especially important as we continue to navigate the new normal in 2022, which includes the possibility of returning to office life as companies now allow some of their employees to safely return to work.

If anything, the pandemic has further highlighted the importance of finding a balance between work and play so that people can find enough time outside of work to focus on the household, their families, or even their hobbies. While having and working within a professional environment can lead to productivity and high levels of performance, the post-COVID workplace also allows employees to balance work-play living so that they can lead fulfilling lives in and out of work. Here are the reasons why you should work and play harmoniously.

You get less fatigued

Multiple studies have long found that taking breaks has proven to have a positive correlation with well-being and productivity. In fact, taking breaks in between solving a complex problem has shown to be even more beneficial to your job instead of convincing yourself that you can’t take a break from work.

Becoming less fatigued or stressed starts with your surroundings. Having a spacious living area when you work from home can make you feel more relaxed and less stifled, while a healthy dose of nature can even further lower your stress levels — allowing you to live life in balance between work and play.

You get to make time for the important things in life

With the right balance, you do not have to worry about not having enough time for important milestones, or that you are losing control of your schedule. Having a great sense of work-life balance lets you plan around your timelines even more specifically. You would never have to miss another birthday or a get-together!

Workplaces located in prime areas where amenities are easily within reach help achieve a better work-life balance. With groceries and banks nearby, professionals can easily attend to other affairs outside of work with ease. And having various dining, recreational, and wellness options nearby provides multiple opportunities to immediately decompress after work.

You get to maintain good health

Balancing work and play in your life also leads to better mental health. A Harvard Business review article cites a study that working longer hours can be harmful to both employee and employer. By decreasing stress levels, you also lower your risk for other health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure.

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