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The Work Life Balance Of A Medical Student

“Do more, be more” seems to be the mantra many young ones live by today. Pretty much like how it is with the digital world, the real world can tend to be just as fast-paced. And for medical students like Celine Aguinaldo, 22, time must be maximized well lest losing valuable time for reading through thick books and lecture notes.

Although originally based in the south, Celine is currently enrolled in Ateneo de Manila School of Medicine and Public Health in Ortigas, and works as a financial advisor on the side. With her busy schedule and challenging course, finding personal time to de-stress and unwind was a struggle at the start.

With all the factors that contribute to stress in a daily routine, leading a well-balanced life is important. This holds true especially for medical students, who need to take a breather from all the studying that must be done. The downtime spent on doing things enjoyable is essential to stay inspired and motivated.

Because of this, she decided to live in a space closer to doing what she loves. Apart from remaining on the road to becoming a doctor, Celine gets to enjoy her free time in her new home at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig. Within the lush property only minutes away from what matters, she enjoys the glistening pools, well-equipped gym, and an array of cuisines in the Retail Row where she indulges in great food with her boyfriend and friends.

It’s only been a few months since she moved in The Grove by Rockwell, but she already feels right at home in this community because of its convenient location and complete amenities.

Celine shares, “I love living independently… I love the freedom, but it also comes with responsibility.” Having a comfortable home in a convenient location allows her to develop that maturity to efficiently manage her own time. It gives her more liberty to take control of her life, and steer it around more meaningful and enjoyable pursuits.