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Rock Solid Team Goes ‘beyond Ordinary’

By:  / @amyremoINQ

Ceremonial First Concrete Pouring of Rockwell Performing Arts Theater

Rockwell’s roster of savvy marketers helps provide beyond ordinary experiences.

To go beyond the ordinary.

This is perhaps the defining factor that allowed upscale property developer Rockwell Land Corp. to carve a niche and create a distinct trademark that remains unparalleled in the Philippine real estate industry.

Today, a mere mention of the brand alone connotes incomparable levels of service, comfort, quality, and opulence. But for the company to continuously scale new heights with every new development it builds, a certain kind of ingenuity is needed—apart from just adhering to the global best practices and keeping abreast with the latest trends.

Making a difference

And for the marketing team of Rockwell Land, this simply means being able to always go beyond the ordinary.

“A quality product goes a long way and that’s what we provide our customers. But, a beyond ordinary memorable experience is what can make the difference,” explained Tracey Castillo, senior marketing manager at Rockwell Land.

“A resident’s Rockwell experience doesn’t stop when their property is handed over to him or her. His/her every day is what we wish to make a difference with—through the way we manage their homes, to the activities we make them a part of and to the conveniences we constantly provide,” she added.

Castillo pointed out that Rockwell Land is known to create communities and it is thus crucial to ensure that they are able to build this in beyond ordinary ways.

“In every customer’s journey, it is our role (as the marketing team) to make them experience the Rockwell lifestyle and to establish relationships with them from the onset. It is crucial to be able to communicate this with all our customers especially with projects that are pre-selling, whether through various media, or through personal curated service,” she said.

“We wish to make them experience beyond ordinary service from the first customer touch point, all the way to their everyday lives as residents of the communities we build. It goes beyond the products or residential units we are selling—our role includes providing them with beyond ordinary experiences,” Castillo added.

Reflection of the brand

The marketing official said their role involves every detail that can serve as a reflection of the Rockwell brand and the communities they create.

This, Castillo said, can be as simple as a signage by the entrance or the kind of greeting the guard gives, or as tedious as a whole marketing advertising campaign that touches the lives of the company’s target market.

As such, it was likewise crucial for the Rockwell marketing team to be heavily involved from the conception of a project all the way to its implementation. And it doesn’t stop there.

“We work closely with all teams and together, we ensure that we are all creating a product that provides our customers a beyond ordinary home (location, accessibility, amenities, design), buying experience (customer service) and way of living (environment, convenience, lifestyle, events). We want the members of our community to live every day with positive memorable experiences,” Castillo further said.


Building relations

It is precisely through these relationships that Rockwell Land is able to understand the needs of its residents and tenants more precisely.

“In every program we implement, we are guided by what we know about them—their hobbies, interests, needs, wants and even fears,” she related.

“We are also privileged to have organizations and media partners who share the same vision as us as members of our community. This allows us to explore further other programs to provide various offerings especially for events for the community,” Castillo shared.


Community building

Such events are usually held every month, and can be for as small as an intimate gathering of 30 participants to something as huge as an annual stockholders’ meeting. Community events for kids such as Easter and Halloween are regularly held, while project launches ar also being organized.

Among the biggest launches they have handled, according to Castillo, include those for The Proscenium in 2012 and The Proscenium Residences in 2015. In both events, the team handled a launch that saw more than 300 attendees, including some VIPs.

“It is really Rockwell’s vision to create communities… The events we put up just further provide more opportunities for residents to come together and feel like one big neighborhood. Families and kids don’t need to get out of their communities to celebrate Easter, Halloween, Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day,” Castillo explained.

“Everyone is able to interact and enjoy activities with the company of their neighbors. We are also touched by how these events bring people together with similar interests and lifestyles,” Castillo concluded.


As published in on May 13, 2017: