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Putting Down Roots: The Best Time to Purchase a Home

Thinking of putting down roots? Deciding on the right home for you and your family to settle down in is a big decision, with several factors to consider. While high-value properties in prime locations are still valuable, potential home buyers are thinking about the best time to purchase a home.  

After last year’s events, some may be a little conservative when it comes to making large investments. That said, the new normal has ushered in changes in the way we work and live, heavily shaping the lifestyles we lead and need to consider for the near future. The pandemic has accelerated Metro Manila’s decongestion, as families are scouting for new properties outside the metro either as a second home, or for relocating permanently to live more holistic lifestyles and reside in more peaceful and secure communities. To add, being cooped indoors has led to a rising demand for large and spacious lots or units with wide outdoor areas.

When it comes to purchasing properties, upscale, exclusive, and high-quality developments in strategic locations continue to hold strong appeal. Along with the pleasures of living within a serene and nature-filled environment, consumers still clamor for the accessibility to city comforts and conveniences, such as being close to schools, malls, hospitals, and restaurants. And with the country’s economy expected to bounce back this 2021 after slowing down last year, this may be a great time to purchase a home.

Considering certain key factors can help make your home-hunting decision easier. Find out whether now is the best time to purchase a home by giving thought to some of these points below.

Consider your needs and long-term plans

Whether you’re a solo resident, a couple expecting their first child, or a growing family, putting down roots entails a long-term commitment, and deciding on a property means reflecting on your current and future plans. Do you foresee having more kids in the near future? If not, then a three-bedroom unit may not be the smartest choice if you don’t plan on adding more members of the family. 

Similarly, a more modest-sized unit may fit two people comfortably, but you may find yourself needing more space as your family grows bigger. One of the most opportune times to make a purchase is when you are certain about your long-term goals and lifestyle choices.

Strategize your timing

Real estate is a steady and resilient investment––its value isn’t prone to drastic fluctuations, and as a fixed asset, is a worthwhile purchase to make. That said, there are certain periods when acquiring properties may be more strategic. With a more positive economic outlook this year, the country is set to recover economically after last year’s slowdown. The quarantine period led to a rise in unit vacancies and unsold properties––this may be an opportune time to take advantage of low interest rates and high property inventory.

Evaluate your financial situation

As you mull over purchasing a home, bear in mind that there are costs that extend beyond the amount you pay upfront. Even if you may have the funds to afford a property’s published rate, there are other payments to consider such as taxes and property association fees. 

Also consider these: Are you in a position to make monthly payments? Do you have other monthly obligations you need to meet? These are questions that can help give you a clearer picture of where you stand financially.

Look at your credit standing

Finally, take a look at your credit score. Do you have any outstanding debts? Your credit standing gives you credibility with lending institutions and assures them that you are on top of your finances. In acquiring high-value properties, having a pre-approved mortgage is more preferable––it gives you leeway and makes you a more attractive investor as someone who has passed the scrutiny of lenders and is likely a sure buyer, denoting your financial capacity. 

The right time to purchase a home is when you decide that you are ready. If you have considered all of the points above and you feel that you meet the criteria, take the leap and decide on a home that reflects your lifestyle and needs, for now and tomorrow––whether in peaceful yet exclusive communities, or in the heart of the city.

Invest in a high-value property by a reputable developer, ensuring the security of your investment, as well as you and your loved ones’ future.  Find the investment that’s right for you by  visiting to learn more or contact [email protected] for inquiries about investing in a Rockwell Land property today.