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Property Finder: Choosing a Property that Suits a Laid-Back Lifestyle

With our ever-growing list of responsibilities and things to do, it would seem difficult to live a relaxed way of life. That’s not to say, however, that having a laid-back lifestyle and being productive are mutually exclusive. Working at a steady pace with one task at a time can help you produce better results compared to when you’re being rushed. You can easily find an ideal peaceful community through a property finder. 

A healthy amount of rest—either in the form of a short break in between tasks or a long power nap at the end of the day—gives your memory a significant boost which in turn makes you more creative and twice as productive at work. With the right habits in place, a strict adherence to a schedule, and the right environment, it is certainly possible to be more productive at a pace that’s relaxed. Because of this, try finding a suitable laid-back community with the help of a property finder. 

Start with your home

Living in a wide space that exudes serenity and tranquility is a factor that influences a laid-back way of life. This creates a mood of calmness and ease which would help you escape from the outside world. Considering how populated the Philippines is, you might think that finding such a home is like looking for a needle in the haystack. But the truth surprisingly appears to be quite the contrary since there are homes that are specifically built for people who choose to bask in a quiet and laid-back atmosphere.

Deliberately poised at the heart of Metro Cebu, 32 Sanson by Rockwell is settled in a verdant landscape to give off that calm, serene feel. Rockwell has created a combination of  sophistication and convenience of city life and the tranquility of living in the quiet suburban region.

32 Sanson and laid-back living

Despite housing elite neighborhoods and progressive business districts, Lahug has not lost its touch with nature. Surrounded by verdant scenes and lush green shades that pull people into relaxation, Rockwell has managed to preserve its connection with nature.

Rockwell designed 32 Sanson with the strong intent of giving its residents the “at ease” vibe of living in the countryside with the convenience of urban life. 

Amenities for Tranquility

In line with its mission of striking the right balance between country and urban life, 32 Sanson is equipped with fully functional yet stylish amenities meant for relaxation. 

32 Sanson has a well-equipped gym where you can have your routine fitness workouts or strength training exercises and help you reach your ideal health goals. It is also equipped with two pools, so you can take a dip and cool down after a long and hectic day’s work. If you’re more into cardio workouts to relax your nerves, 32 Sanson has a scenic jogging path where you can go for a run. You could enjoy tranquil moments with loved ones, or a relaxing afternoon surrounded by manicured lawns at the Amenity Deck. 

The clubhouse  gives you and your family a comfortable area to relax and spend quality time together. The function rooms are spacious areas where celebrations and special occasions can happen. Outside, your children can play at the lawn and playground with the fresh air. 

Sumptuous sophistication within your reach

32 Sanson excels when it comes to providing convenience for its residents. It houses one of the most elegant restaurants and cafes in Lahug. Marisse Patisserie offers noteworthy cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and refreshing brews not only in the city but in Metro Cebu. It is also great for short, informal meetings, casual catch-ups with old friends, and your occasional me-time. Marisse Patisserie matches your home and neighborhood’s laid-back lifestyle with its unrivaled prowess at pastry-making and excellent sense of cuisine.

If you are looking for a place to indulge in a sumptuous meal, KAYU is an expert in traditional western dishes mixed with complex Asian culinary techniques. Delivering a new, distinct fusion of two equally diverse cuisines, KAYU Kitchen and Bar feels like a classic, renovated 1950s home paying homage to its Cebuano identity by sticking to its roots.

As Rockwell’s first venture into the Queen City of the South, 32 Sanson introduced the Rockwell lifestyle to Cebuanos.  It caters to the needs and wants of those who have long been dreaming of a life in the countryside. Essentially, a life that offers the ease and breeze of the hills without compromising the convenience and elegance brought by the urban life. It commits to bring its brand of elevated laid-back living to Cebu’s thriving community. 

Take your lifestyle to the next level and live beyond the ordinary. Do a quick search in any property finder or just directly connect with Rockwell Land’s 32 Sanson team now by calling (632) 793 – 0088.