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Itong Torres

We chose Hidalgo Place for our home as it’s the oldest among the towers; the cuts for units are generous but not too big and finishing materials are high quality. Also, Hidalgo Place is less busy, more private and quiet. It’s very convenient, with quick access to Power Plant Mall so we are near the grocery, shops, restaurants and most importantly the movie theater. Rockwell Club gym is just across the big lawn and club pool. We have our own pool in Hidalgo if I want to swim with my family, and I can always go to the five-meter club pool in case I need to train. We have used the Hidalgo function room and pool for our daughter’s baptism and birthday parties. In case I have to meet for business, I usually have it either at the Hidalgo Library or at Rocky’s; having valet parking for our guests makes it convenient to host parties; Ateneo is just across Hidalgo Place so attending Mass on Saturday afternoons or on special holy days makes it easy. There are security guards inside the complex, at every entrance, exit and corner who know us personally so I feel very safe especially for my family. It is very easy to go on holiday trips as we can simply lock up and go. The Rockwell community is nice and friendly. There is a sizeable expat community so the exposure to different nationalities and cultures makes for interesting conversations; I have friends who happen to be teammates and also live in Rockwell so it makes it easy to organize training sessions either at the club pool, gym or Bel Air to run. We have been living in Rockwell for more than five years and cannot imagine living elsewhere. It is my ideal two-block radius world where everything I need and want is just a stone’s throw away.