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A fashionable address for a vibrant lifestyle

MANILA, Philippines — Towering skyscrapers gleaming in the midday sun and rising above lush greenery. Residents walking their dogs or jogging in spacious sidewalks. Shoppers enjoying an afternoon hopping from one store to another in search of the best bargains. Friends and family having a sumptuous dinner inside an elegant and upcoming restaurant with a full view of the Metro Manila skyline.

This is the community anyone would want to wake up to every morning and come back to every night. Nestled within the heart of Makati’s business district, Rockwell Center has grown in the two decades that it’s been in existence, with the completion of new mixed-used developments that make vibrant city living possible.

A Bigger, Better Rockwell

A Bigger, Better Rockwell

Rockwell’s main commercial establishment, the upscale Power Plant Mall, has also grown bigger and better with its recent expansion. This latest phase in the appointed address of ‘Fashionable Manila’ features two new cinemas, a larger chapel, and a host of new retail and dining establishments, thereby, giving shoppers a wide range of options and greater value for their money. It has become the center, not just of the economic, but also the social life of Rockwell residents with all the exciting events and activities that converge within the mall especially during the Christmas and other holiday seasons.

Also among the latest additions to the bigger and better Power Plant Mall is the new sales lounge for Rockwell Center’s newest and tallest mixed-use development, The Proscenium Residences.

The entire sales lounge evokes a feeling of curiosity to would-be visitors. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a feature wall, and at the end of the hallway, a large piece of contemporary art invites visitors to keep on going until they reach the main showroom.

Rockwell Interior Design

The Proscenium Residences lounge was designed by US-based Filipino interior designer Butch Valdez, who also designed the interiors of the common areas of the five towers in Proscenium. Valdez used a striking and bold combination of black and white marble stripes for the flooring of the entrance to make a statement.

Accents of stained wood in the ceiling beams and walls were tempered by the combination of different shades of green, blue, taupe and orange in the fabrics to create a contemporary, airy and refreshing environment to conduct business.

“When I was in the process of visualizing the look of the finished product for the lounge, my peg was an interactive work space that does not look and feel like a traditional office, hence the furniture selections are residential rather than corporate,” Valdez shares.

The lounge was then designed in such a way that prospective clients can see and touch the materials that were actually used in the design elements of the cabinets, counters, tables, etc. There are areas like the dealing tables and chairs set up to look and feel like a comfortable hotel lounge. There is movement in the room via the big screen TV, large-scale models of the projects, artwork on the walls, etc. All these elements thoughtfully combined create an atmosphere where prospective buyers can feel both excited and inspired.

Experience A Better  Way Of Living

The showroom features a spacious and sophisticated two-bedroom model unit for The Proscenium Residences. The design of the unit is nothing short of elegant and is well coordinated with the design scheme of the sales lounge. The interior design and furniture reflects the modern aspirations of today’s empowered upper income earners when it comes to choosing a home. And with Butch Valdez as the designer, every little detail of the lounge serves a purpose.

Experience A Better  Way Of Living

“The peg for this model unit is a female account executive for a big popular advertising company. A mother with a pre-teen son, hence the masculine boy’s bedroom. The master bedroom reflects the feminine side of the unit owner, therefore, the color scheme of pinks, blues, aquas, yellow, and green. The hanging light fixture on both sides of the bed in bold aquamarine glass and the artwork behind the bed represents the drive and gutsy attitude of the homeowner. Underneath all of this combination is a soft wool carpet that embodies the yin and yang of the room,” Valdez elaborated.

Experiencing The Proscenium Residences lounge is a series of spaces, activities, and progression that makes visitors even more interested in what’s to come once the appointed residential development is complete.

Whether you’re making such investment as a halfway residence or a lifetime home, the Proscenium lounge will definitely give you a fulfilling preview of the building’s perks and grandeur. It’s also a statement to the convenience and comforts that a bigger, better Rockwell Center community has to offer — an affirmation of why you can never go wrong in choosing Proscenium at Rockwell as your future address.

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