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Creating the blueprint for beyond ordinary communities

Written by: Amy R. Remo

Rockwell Land Makati

The Proscenium Residences brings the Proscenium at Rockwell to completion, and offers one last chance to be a part of this exclusive community.

Its distinct signature lifestyle remains unrivaled in the Philippine real estate industry today.

Once the site of a mothballed power plant, the 19.1-hectare Rockwell Center in Makati City now stands as the quintessential community for the affluent few—a coveted address that has become a picture of vibrancy, offering a lifestyle that reflects the dynamic pace of the modern times. In fact, a mere mention of the Rockwell brand easily strikes a familiar chord—one that evokes a sense of prominence, prestige and respect.

Integrated, self-sustaining

There’s no surprise to that. Nowadays, a leisurely stroll within this secure neighborhood would allow you to marvel at the highly exclusive, upscale residential towers that have tastefully enhanced the city skyline. Here, one can find thoughtfully designed spaces as well as exceptional amenities that lure one to an enviable lifestyle.

Designed by Carlos Ott, the Proscenium at Rockwell redefines the Makati skyline.

An anchor to this self-sustaining community is the Power Plant Mall, which not only offers curated retail brands, dining options and other essential services, but also provides a welcome diversion from your daily hustle.

Ideal setting

But while it has been over 25 years since the first structure was put up in Rockwell Center, its unmissable luster has not once faded. It continues to excite, captivate and enthrall, as Rockwell keeps evolving, remaining attuned with the times, thus making it the most ideal setting for this generation and succeeding ones.

This is largely the reason why Rockwell continues to command a premium in terms of land values and prices in primary and secondary markets, providing residents and locators with the added benefit of capital gains.

No doubt, Rockwell Land has created and mastered the blueprint for beyond ordinary communities. It has set the gold standard for building sustainable communities that can thrive even during a crisis.

And such has been put to test at the height of the pandemic last year, during which Rockwell Land was quick to implement health protocols and offer personalized services that would ensure the residents’ safety and convenience—personal shopping services, deliveries, a mobile phone app and an e-commerce website.

This only proves that Rockwell, through the years, remains true to its promise of delivering beyond ordinary lifestyle even in the most precarious of times.

Growing portfolio

It’s thus fortunate that over the last decade, Rockwell has been bringing its signature brand to more areas outside Makati City and the capital region.

But that doesn’t mean that Rockwell Center has nothing left to offer. On the contrary, you can still and readily find opportunities to elevate your lifestyle.

An exclusive residence will soon be unveiled at the heart of Rockwell Center.

The Proscenium is now finally complete, bringing to life the design of world-famous architect Carlos Ott and presenting a redefined upscale lifestyle across its five towers namely Sakura, Kirov, Lorraine, Lincoln and The Proscenium Residences, whose units were turned over this year.

This early, the Proscenium is proving to be a self-sustaining development in itself, replete with all the elements that would allow residents to thrive today and in the postpandemic era. What’s even more impressive is that it has already begun to expand, with Rockwell Workspaces offering safe, sustainable and healthy working environments right within
the Proscenium. In particular, Podium Offices and 1 Proscenium offer not only a prime business address but also green, sustainable office towers for upmarket occupiers.

You can still catch this last opportunity to live in this architectural marvel. The Proscenium Residences is slowly unfolding and coming to life, and enables you to readily enjoy and indulge in your own luxurious space in Rockwell Center with exclusive offers available.

Crowning jewel

But yet again, Rockwell Land has another ace up its sleeve.Rockwell Land Makati

The flagship Rockwell Center in Makati City is home to thriving, beyond ordinary lifestyles.

Set to be unveiled soon is its latest pièce de résistance, a remarkable feat rightfully poised to become the crown jewel of Rockwell Center. Standing gracefully at the heart of this community is an all-suite, highly exclusive enclave that only the most discerning can fittingly call their home—especially since only a limited number of residences will be on offer.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live at the core of unsurpassed elegance thus beckons only to the privileged few, who will get to experience first hand how Rockwell Land has broken barriers anew. Experience a redefined indulgence steeped in beauty and opulence as this latest marvel brings the most premium of finishes, interiors and amenities—not to mention of course the added benefit of being in an integrated community like Rockwell Center.
Indeed, Rockwell Center has gone a long way, with its continuing phenomenal transformation serving as proof that it is truly in a league of its own.

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