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As a New Mom, This is How I Balance Motherhood and My Career

Genellane Go, a marketing director and mom to a four-month-old, shares how she’s found the sweet spot between parenting and work.

Genellane Go

Perhaps one of the most challenging things a new mom has to deal with is going back to work after giving birth. Not only is it physically demanding, it’s also emotionally difficult.

That’s why when first-time mommy Genellane “Len” Go—marketing director of a dental clinic and mom to four-month-old Amelia Gaile—went back to work, she made sure everything was set and planned for her little one.

Although Len shares that she’s still figuring out how to manage her time between her marketing job and her duties as a mom, here are some of the things she thinks might be helpful:

Ask questions and get help from fellow moms.

“It won’t make you any less of a mother,” Len says, “But of course, you have to weigh what and what not to apply to your child.”

TIP: The internet is a great way to look for information that can help you with your parenting choices, but nothing beats expert advice. For one, consult your child’s pediatrician when you’re unsure about something related to his health.

Sometimes, you get unsolicited advice and it may cause some anxiety, but don’t let it make you doubt your own parenting choices.

Cherish every moment with your child.

Before Len goes to work for meetings, she makes sure to spend quality time with Amelia in the morning. She breastfeeds her baby as soon as her little one wakes up, and then she lets the helper take over while she prepares for work. “One day she’ll grow up and maybe prefer her friends over me so I’m embracing every moment I have with her,” she explains.

Cherish every moment with your child.

TIP: Spending quality time with your kids can also help them become calmer, happier, and more successful in the future. Family bonding doesn’t have to be expensive, too! You can try these gadget-free activities with your little one this weekend, like an indoor picnic and a game of animal charades or jackstones.

Take care of yourself.

Len also emphasizes the importance of making time for yourself: “A good, hot bath and extra two hours of sleep are my current ‘me’ time.”

She adds, “After getting married, unwinding meant binge-watching our favorite TV shows at home. That, or just hang out in the mall. Having a baby is a different ball game, though. De-stressing now [means] getting sleep. It’s also a conscious effort to remind myself that all the sleepless nights are temporary.”

TIP: Like taking advice from experts and other mommies, taking a break doesn’t make you less of a mom. Don’t feel bad if you spend a few hours (or a few minutes) pampering yourself while the baby sleeps. Here are a few “mommy time” thingsyou can do, like getting lost in a good book and tending to some succulents.

Stop feeling guilty.

“Don’t feel guilty about having to leave your child so you can work,” Len points out. “Don’t lose your identity because of the noise around you.

“It’s easy to feel pressure from society because we are so informed about motherhood, but it’s a case-to-case basis. Just make sure that when you are with your child, you make it count, and your presence is felt.

Stop feeling guilty.

“At the end of the day, you know your baby best. Knowing that I’m doing the best I can to make sure Amelia grows up to be a good and healthy person is the most rewarding part of becoming a mom.”

TIP: recent study reveals that moms who work shouldn’t feel too bad about missing milestones or quality time. These can present opportunities to teach your child important values like resilience and grit. So instead of feeling bad about not being there, try these simple bonding activities.

Always look ahead and build a home where your family can thrive.

Len and her husband decided to buy a unit at The Arton by Rockwell to prepare for Amelia’s future. The Arton is developed by Rockwell, which makes her feel confident that the place will be well-maintained and would add value to her investment.

This high-rise community in Quezon City has 80% open space and lush garden conducive to raising a family. Len adds, “The Arton has a good location. The top universities are just nearby—perfect for when Amelia goes to college.

“I look forward to the amenities and the community that they will develop, too. Moving to The Arton will make it possible for me to have more bonding time with my husband and Amelia.”

Len says that even though she’s busy with work, she wants to be her own interior designer when decorating their future home: “Growing up, my mom made sure everything was nice and tidy, so I plan to do that for our home. I love a clean, homey feel—something you’d love to come home to every day.”

Amenities at The Arton will allow parents like Len to spend quality time with their kids any day. Retail establishments and family-friendly lifestyle hubs are also just within the vicinity.

When it comes to your family, giving them a relaxing community to go home to is a top priority. This will be possible for parents like Len at The Arton.

The ArtonFor more information on this rising community, visit the website.