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A Glimpse of Rockwell Center’s Picturesque Community

We all have a love-hate relationship with the metro: It can be stressful at times to live here, but those of us who do know that it isn’t without its charms. A quick look at Rockwell’s Instagram page, for example, shows us that there’s a perfect little pocket of urban living right in the heart of Makati. It’s vibrant, full of character, and secure, and it looks pretty darn good on camera, too. Check out these posts and see for yourself:

A space at Rockwell Center is like living in an art gallery, thanks to its modern yet timeless design.


Astonished by the Edades Tower’s exterior? Come inside to see more. : Gino Fanega

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Living here makes access to exclusive associations, like the Rockwell Club, easy. 

Even the restaurants look artsy.



The artsy interiors of Fireside complement its decadent meals. : AJ Lamorena

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There’s always room for a great cocktail, no matter the time of day.


You’ll be able to stroll down quiet avenues in the heart of the metro, just in case you need to unwind for a bit before going back to the daily grind.

And while you’re out walking, you’re bound to bump into the best neighbors, ever.


All of this, just a stone’s throw away from your stylish pad.

Rockwell Center isn’t just picturesque—it embodies all the best aspects of the metropolitan lifestyle. At The Proscenium, Rockwell’s latest jewel, residents will get to enjoy all the luxuries of living in the exclusive Rockwell community, like blissful mornings spent in spacious and beautiful units, access to premium brands at Power Plant Mall, and romantic dinners set on the rooftop of Rockwell Center’s tallest tower. It’s everything city life should be, all in one place.