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5 Reasons to Consider when Buying Your First Home in Quezon City

Buying your first home is a feat of planning. There are, after all, several things to consider when choosing where you’ll be raising your family for the next few years. How do you know that your kids will be growing up in the right place and with the right community? How will your new home affect your career? How will it help you create the lifestyle you want?

Quezon City, specifically Katipunan area, might have the answers you’re looking for. Here’s why:

1. Top learning institutions


Quezon City is home to some of the country’s most reputable schools across all levels, like Ateneo de Manila and Miriam College along the Katipunan strip. Starting family life in close proximity with these institutions can boost kids’ academic performance, research has found, since more time can then be devoted to studying, hobbies, and sleep—activities that positively affect academic achievement.

2. Retail hubs

Katipunan area, in particular, is situated near a bevy of commercial centers and retail hubs that offer anything from factory overruns to top-of-the-line luxury brands. There’s always something to explore, making family days a lot more enjoyable.

3. Tight-knit community

 Growing up in a secure and family-oriented community is most important for your kids

Katipunan is also home to some of the most neighborly exclusive villages in the city. You’ll bump into a family friend every now and then, and the general sense of security in the area can make everyone feel friendly and accommodating. In addition, your kids will appreciate growing up near their buddies and classmates, ideal for last-minute weekend hangouts or school work.

4. Lifestyle choices

Maintain a healthier lifestyle with a fully-equipped gym a few steps away from your home

Because of the diversity in Katipunan’s population, there are many leisureoptions for all sorts of personalities. If healthy eating is your calling, you’ll find groceries with organic food; if you’re a gym buff, there are more than a few places where you can work out and get in shape; your little ones will have a field day with the assortment of kid-friendly establishments in the area; and finally, for the young and vibing folk, and even for those young at heart, there are little pockets of nightlife, away from the usual Makati and BGC scene, for a night out with friends.

5. Good eats

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While the different commercial centers in the area have an excellent selection of restaurants, Katipunan and its surrounding locales have dozens of off-the-beaten-path places that offer some of the best eats in the north side of Metro Manila that you won’t find anywhere else. With foodie destinations on Esteban Abada and Maginhawa Streets, you can explore the area with an empty stomach, and come back home satisfied. For healthier options, restaurants like Earth Kitchen offer sumptuous dishes with the perfect ambiance.For all these reasons and more, Quezon City is one of the best places in the metro to buy your first home—and Katipunan is one of its most prime locations.

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